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Adopting a BEAGLE

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

We do not have all of our beagles posted here but please read below and make sure a beagle or beagle mix is the right dog for your family.

Beagles make wonderful pets. They are friendly, medium sized, highly social animals. They are considered one of the most family-friendly breeds. Beagles are intelligent but, as a result of being bred for the long chase, are single-minded and determined, which can make them hard to train. They can be difficult to recall once they have picked up a scent, and are easily distracted by smells around them.

Beagles love to play and do require more exercise than some other breeds and in most cases are considered moderate to highly active between puppyhood to about 3 years old. After they turn 3, beagles tend to "mature" and become couch potatoes! Exercise is “key” to having a happy and healthy dog. Keep in mind as beagles get older they tend to gain weight.

If this sounds like the perfect dog for you, please apply to ADOPT now.

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