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Success Stories



Oli the chocolate beagle

This is Olive, Olivia, AKA Oli. She was found early January near warehouses in NW Miami, FL. We reached out to the wonderful person who found her, cared for her, & named her, and offered our help. We posted flyers near the area and posted her all over the internet.  Unfortunately we did not find her previous family. 

At the time, we were working closely with Born Free Pet Shelter and thanks to them, we immediately had her checked by their veterinarian. We treated her skin issues, dewormed, vaccinated, removed back dewclaws, and spayed. Once she fully recovered, Oli was adopted by a wonderful family with two humans sisters. 



Bagel the tri-colored beagle

Bagel, now named Charlie was re-homed three times before ending up with us at South Florida Beagle Rescue at only 1 year old. We found his forever home immediately and he is now living happily with a beagle sister named Lola. 



Tua the beagle mix

This sweet boy came to us after many failed attempts at rehoming.

He is the product of unaltered dogs left to roam the streets of Miami. Because of the many changes he went through in a short time, we thought he would benefit from professional training from Franco Sicheri. Now, Tua is happily living with a fur brother and two human brothers. His new family is so happy to have added this beagle mix pup full of energy and love into their home.



Max the tri-colored beagle

With a heavy heart, Max's previous owner had to surrender him but thankfully confided in us to find him the pawfect home! Max is now thriving with his new beagle pack. He is now 1 of 4 beagle's in a loving home. 



Cooper the lemon beagle

Cooper was an owner surrender who by no fault of his own, had zero training and took some time to find the pawfect home. Thankfully we found the best dog parents who would be patient with him and have now been showing him how to be the best boy. Cooper is now living like the spoiled prince that he is!



Comet the tri-colored beagle

*story coming soon*


Mr. BB

Alfie the beagle mix

Story coming soon...



Simon the chocolate beagle

Buddy was the sweetest 11 month old puppy you’d ever meet! He was surrendered to us in late January. Previous family  wanted a good home for Buddy and we made sure to find it in just a few days! He is now living like a King with a loving stay at home humom and a huge yard for the ultimate zoomies. 



Annie the tri-colored beagle

This 6th month old pretty girl was an emergency surrender. We picked her up by 6PM and drove her to her furever home by 10PM. She is currently receiving training and is as happy as can be with her new dad. 



Comet the tri-colored beagle

*story coming soon*



Leyla the tri-colored beagle

Lassie now known as Leyla was an owner surrender. She was first given up via Facebook without any details about her health. Her last owner was taken by surprise when she found out the sweet girl she took in had a fistula between her colon and urinary tract. It was too much for her to take on at the moment so she surrendered her to us and Leyla is now living in a loving forever home with two senior beagle sisters.



BeeGee the chocolate beagle

BeeGee came to us after his owner passed away </3 He went from living a life of living outdoors on his own to moving into a home with two fur siblings, a human sister, and two awesome dog parents who are all showing him what it feels like to be loved. 



Penny the tri-colored beagle

Sometimes 3rd times a charm! We don't understand why but Penny was re-homed twice before being surrendered to us but this time, Penny will be loved for the rest of her life by her new amazing family!



Pepper the tri-colored beagle

Genesis lived her whole life with a family and after 10 years, was surrendered to our rescue. As always, we found the best
family who will love her and spoil her rotten. Sometimes it doesn't necessarily have to be local. This senior girl will be living her golden
years just like she deserved but in Auburn, Alabama!



Pixie the tri-colored beagle

Snoopy now named 

Pixie was an owner surrender. This young girl had been previously given away and the owners took her back in and realized they had to give her up again due to allergies. This time, they trusted us to find her the best forever home ever! Pixie is now living an adventurous life going to work with her mom sometimes or going on camping trips with her awesome pawrents. 



Walter the tri-colored beagle

Walter was a 7 month old  beagle boy who was surrendered to us in March. We found this super sweet cuddle bug a loving home that same day. He also got to meet his rescue beagle cousin who assisted in the adoption process :P



Capitan the tri-colored beagle

Capitan was posted on Nextdoor for re-homing and we immediately contacted the owner and offered
assistance. The last thing we wanted was for this handsome boy to end up in the wrong hands. Within 24 hours, we took Capitan to the vet and he received all vaccines, was neutered, and was on his way to his forever home.



Leo the lemon beagle

We rescued Leo (formerly known as Buddy) from Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Division. He was found as a stray and possibly hit by a car. He lived untreated at the shelter for 10 days. Once in our care, he was treated by our veterinarian and had orthopedic surgery. Leo was later adopted by his loving foster pawrents. He now lives with an adorable beagle fur brother named  Wesley. 



Bingo the tri-colored beagle

Another story of a beagle being re-homed on Craigslist and we stepped up to make sure this houndsome boy didn't end up in the wrong hands. He found his forever loving home immediately after his foster parents couldn't resist officially adopting him and giving him a forever loving home.


Lucy Lou

Zoe the tri-colored beagle

Zoe was found roaming the back roads of Homestead, FL. and no one came looking for her :( but after 1 week stray hold, we found the pawfect home for her. She is now living happily with another one of our beagle rescues, Pixie!


Mixed Puppies

Apollo, Mia, Ace, & Hunter.

Story coming soon...

Read about the amazing stories of all the beagles that have found their forever homes with South Florida Beagle Rescue

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