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Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Our mission to promote animal welfare includes a crucial element: rejecting products sold by companies that engage in animal testing.

Did you know?

Beagles are the most common breed used in animal testing - they make up a staggering 96% of the 70,000 dogs used in laboratories each year*. They are the primary breed tested on for the same reason they make a great family addition - they are incredibly friendly, generally healthy, and not too big or small, all convenient factors for this inhumane practice. The horrific experiments they endure often leave them very ill, disabled, mangled, even blind or paralyzed.

What can we do?

Commitment to cruelty free companies is key. Choosing beauty products, clothing, household supplies, and other items by first checking their cruelty free status will aid in dismantling the animal testing industry.

How do I know which companies and products to avoid?

While there exist many websites with information on this, the best platform to use is the Cruelty Free App by Beagle Freedom Project. This app enables you to scan an item and immediately receive a response on its cruelty free status. This app contains data from “Leaping Bunny”, PETA, and thousands more. You can even earn “Doggie Dollars” to receive discounts on cruelty free products by sharing your findings!

*The statistics are staggering: Approximately 70,000 dogs are used in research lab experiments every year, and of those, 96 percent are Beagles, according to the California-based Beagle Freedom Project (BFP).

* **,research%2C%20education%2C%20and%20testing.

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