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Virtual Foster Program

Want to help a rescue dog, but can’t physically foster or adopt? Our Virtual Foster program, is a unique and easy way to help save lives. Contribute an amount of your choosing - whether in monthly installments or a one-time payment - and help fund a rescue dog’s food, vet care, transportation, and more.

Becoming a virtual foster will include exclusive updates on the animal not shared on social media. For example, if you donated a toy for your virtual foster, you will receive a photo of the dog with that toy.

Remember that fostering - whether physically or virtually - saves lives. 



Adoptable puppy 💙 Paolo is an 11 month old Treeing Walker Coonhound looking for his forever family. We rescued Paolo from someone known to kill his pets if they weren't good hunters. Clearly, Paolo was meant to be someone’s best friend instead!

If you are considering adoption, please open up your home and heart to this sweet puppy! Let’s help find Paolo a forever home. He has so much love to give and gets along great with other dogs!

 Program: © South Florida Beagle Rescue, All rights reserved

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