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Happy 4th of July

Having your pet microchipped and registered is critical to helping reunite them if they get lost!

Did you know that if your dog gets lost having them microchipped increases the chances of being reunited from 22% to over 52%? *American Veterinary Medical Association

Not only is it important to have our pet chipped, but registering this chip is also crucial. We have come across many lost pups who had no owner information on their chips, making reuniting all the more difficult.

How do I know if my pet's chip is registered?

  • Get your microchip number (contact us or your vet if you don't have it handy)

  • Contact the chip's brand (call your vet or check AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Site if you're not sure)

  • Update your contact info through their website or phone number

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